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An instant messaging platform that provides countless features and a better way to communicate with others

An instant messaging platform that provides countless features and a better way to communicate with others

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Program license: Free

Program by: Tencent

Version: 8.0.19

Works under: Android

Also available for Mac Windows


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Also available for


Mac Windows

WeChat is an application for Android that allows users to communicate instantly via text messages, chats, images, videos and voice notes. At its most basic, the app consists of several individual chat windows between the users and their personal contacts. However, the app also gives WeChat users the option of creating group chats with up to 255 other users at the same time. More than that, the app gives users to perform direct audio and video calls with another user. In addition, WeChat has a few useful tools and extra functions that make its use more dynamic and comprehensive.

In many ways, WeChat feels inspired by Whatsapp. Its interface, for one, looks a lot like the competing app's by offering four main sections: Chats, Contacts, Social and Settings. At the same time, the app uses push notifications to let you know of any new messages you may have in any of your chats. Conveniently, the app features a chat history that shows every action that took place in chronological order. While looking at their History tab, users of the app are presented with an interesting option: As long as no more than two minutes pass since it was sent, it is possible to delete a recent message. However, there is always the chance of the recipient having already seen the message by the time you delete it.

While it does hold a lot of similarities with Whatsapp and other messaging apps, WeChat does have some original and unique features. Without a doubt, one of the most notable is its integrated video call function. It does not only allow free video chatting in HD: It allows free group video chats in HD, making WeChat a suitable tool for video conferences. Generally speaking, the app is great for group communication, even allowing users to invite their friends to group chats via QR codes. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this review, the app only allows sending 100 QR codes for each user's account.

One of the latest additions to the app is the new WeChat Games section. This panel allows users to choose one of many simple games to play with their friends online. As of now, there is not a lot of variety in the games. Even worse than that, most of them are somewhat simple and repetitive. However, the concept is interesting, and with some more time to develop it, the programmers could have a real winner on their hands.


  • Allows group video chats in HD
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Loads up quickly and efficiently
  • Allows inviting friends using QR codes
  • Includes games


  • Very similar to Whatsapp
  • Has limited QR codes for invited friends
  • Games offered are limited and very simple